Week 2, Term 4

Hello Dear Class One,
Please listen to my message below: 


Message From Eurythmy Beth
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Here is the little bird I made and pictures of his journey to find a friend: 

My little bird jumped down from the table and onto a chair

Then he crept to the edge of the chair 
and hopped down to the floor

He hopped all the way to my lounge room, then away he flew! He flew up, up, up to my mantel piece, where he discovered a friend!

If you don't have any wax or clay at home you could draw your little bird instead.
Please send me a photo of your work at:
I would so love to see it!

If you didn't have time to create a nature circle last week, you might like to try making one this week!

I hope you have as much fun as I did creating your bird.
                           Love, Beth