Weekly Notices

Please check here each monday for weekly notices.

 New Weekly Notice:

Monday 6/9

Good morning parents and welcome to week 9!

My internet connection should be finished by Tuesday this week. Please bear with me if there are any hiccups.

I am still waiting to receive photos of student work from some families. Please send me a selection of photos from week 8 and 9 if know you are a little behind. It is important that I see your child's work. I will be collecting ML books at the beginning of next term.

This week we conclude with our Main Lesson of Aboriginal Dreamtime stories with which we will continue to practise our writing of Upper and Lower case letters.

We will write in full sentences. Using capital letters and full-stops.

We will begin to recognise high frequency words, such as "the" "he" "she" etc.

We will also continue to practise our handwriting, forming our letters "from heaven to earth." Sitting with feet flat on the floor and back straight at a neat and tidy desk. These things are essential to facilitate good handwriting.

Please remember that I am available anytime between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Please call me if you require any kind of assistance or have any questions about our learning this week.

A reminder to let me know if your child is unable to complete their work on a certain day, and I will need to mark them absent.

Warm regards,

Simon Robinson